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Printable Study Charts, Tables and Flash Cards

Math, Social Studies, Science, Language Arts, Spanish, Korean, Music - Our charts, tables and flash cards are all free to print. They include roman numerals, addition, multiplication, fractions, order of statehood, state and world capitals, order of presidents, chemical elements, parts of speech, English and Spanish numbers, guitar chords, and more.

Printable Charts, Tables and Flash Cards

The charts, tables and flash cards below are free to print and use however you like. You can make posters from them, laminate them for handy reference cards, print them as study sheets, etc.

Math Printables - Numbers, addition, multiplication, fractions, roman numerals, prime numbers, printable math exercises.

Guitar Fretboard Diagram - Flat Notes
Ukulele Chords Diagram
Keyboard Notes Chart

Chemical Elements Chart 1
Chemical Elements Chart 2

Alphabet Flash Cards

High Frequency Words - Dolch's list of 220 high frequency sight words, by reading level, plus 95 nouns. Charts and flash cards.

Parts of Speech Chart

Order of Statehood Chart
State Capitals Chart
State Capitals Flash Cards
World Capitals Chart One
World Capitals Chart Two
World Capitals Chart Three
World Capitals Chart Four

U.S. Presidents in Order Chart

English and Spanish Numbers to Twenty
Spanish Numbers to Twenty Flash Cards

Korean Alphabet
Korean Alphabet Flash Cards
English Korean Keyboard Chart

Educational Exercises - Our exercises are also printable. Addition, roman numerals, multiplication, chemical elements, presidents, state capitals and more.