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Useful Educational Tools

Useful tools for education including free reading systems, loan programs, flashcard, worksheet generator and test maker, free game creators, free curriculum, board games, a puzzle creator, timeline template and more!

Useful Educational Tools

Bricks and Mortar basic reading system

This entire reading system is free to print. Bricks and Mortar is designed for children with little or no grasp of basic reading skills. It is also useful for children with some basic knowledge of reading, for if they start from the beginning they can "fill in" any elements of basic reading skills that they have not grasped in the initial stages of learning.

Jigs@w Puzzle Promo Creator

This is a free version of "Jigs@w Puzzle". Although it's designed as a promotional tool for web sites, this is a great educational tool. Simply choose a picture and create a puzzle.

Access to the K-12 Integrating Science, Math, and Technology Reference Curriculum is now FREE. Educators may use the copyrighted material in their classroom.

National Gallery of Art Loan Program

Teaching resources are loaned free of charge to educational institutions, community groups, and individuals. Programs are designed to meet national standards in the visual arts. Connect art and curriculum by borrowing free learning materials from the National Gallery of Artís Division of Education.


Our free printables include Order of Presidents, State and World Capitals, Elements, Roman Numerals, Multiplication Chart, Addition Chart, and Order of Statehood

Personal Educational Press

A free online utility for teachers, parents, and tutors to make flashcards, print word lists, and generate worksheets for educational games. Use built-in word lists or enter your own words.


StudyStack provides free online flashcards and matching on a wide variety of subjects. You can also create your own to share with others.

Test Maker

Test Maker is a utility which allows you to create free-standing, self-marking tests or quizzes which can be saved to disc and used offline as required. They can be used with any browser that supports JavaScript. Other free resources at this site include curriculum crosswords, handwriting page maker, and maths worksheets.

Timeline Template

This is a very simple timeline template that you can use in Notepad. It works great for educational dates and events and can also be used for a personal timeline.