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Cat Posters, Cat and Kitten Magnets, Cute Cat Pictures, Funny Cat Stories, Cat Collages, Treating an Open Wound, Lion in Chain Maille.

The Cat Shack

Cat Pictures 1

This is our first cat picture page. Here you'll find Door Climbing Mama, Kung Fu Kitty TK and Expired Cat Precious.

Cat Pictures 2

This page includes Big Boy, Scarlet, Knucklehead, Precious and some unknown friends.

Cat Stories

Kitty Dunk Dog is all about one cat's self defense technique, Little Lucky alerts me to the presence of a snake, and Neo is a cat that likes water and loves to go swimming!

Cat Collages

Alex's Uncle Dale made these collages out of calendar pictures. They include a kitten collage and a cat collage with cats, kittens, and puppies.

Treating an Open Wound

What works and what doesn't.

Lion in Chain Maille

I came across Alex's old maille armor coif and put it on his cookie jar lion, just for fun. He was adorable!