Nicholas Academy


Animation, movie making, good stuff to have around, quick and easy web page and a mini website template for kids, free software downloads, cool websites, games, and more.


Animation and Movie Making

3D modeling tools, tutorials, filmmaking, animated movie making for kids, free software downloads.

Animated Stick Figures

These are just some simple stick figure animations, created by my son, with the Pivot Stickfigure Animator. You can download that for free, if you would like to create your own stick figures.


Places to show off kids art, an addictive online kaleidoscope painter, free downloads, coloring games.


Websites and software downloads that let kids build their own creations one piece at a time. Construct the creations online, offline, or with printed pieces. Kids can build vehicles, cities, castles, lego creations, virtual models, and more.

Creativity - Good Stuff to Have Around

This is a small sampling of the many items that are great to have around for creative fun.

Theater and Storytelling

Create your own books, write stories. Plays, scripts, resources, storytelling software, online create your own adventure stories.

Quick and Easy Web Page

Build a quick and easy web page. Five easy steps to get your site online fast.

Website for Kids

This is a ready to use six page mini-website for kids. Your kids can start adding their own ideas to it right away, without having to learn HTML first. They will learn the HTML and CSS as they are having fun creating their content.