Nicholas Academy

Storage - Alextown

Alex has many, many interests--cats, the Korean language, animated stick figures, Inuyasha, martial arts, Legos, and more--that I'll be sharing most of here, along with stories and pictures of him through the years. Open for visitors is The Medieval Kingdom, The Cat Shack, The Art Museum, The Adventure Terminal, The InuYasha Club, The Library, The Recreation Center and Mom's House.


The Medieval Kingdom

Maille Armor Pictures - story and pictures of the maille armor we made for Alex
Hammond Louisiana Renaissance Festival - one of Sir Alex's days as a knight
Scarborough Faire Renaissance Festival - pictures of Alex at The Renaissance Festival in Waxahachie, Texas
Lion in Chain Maille - cookie jar lion wearing Alex's old maille armor coif

The Adventure Terminal

The Adventures of Cheryl and Alex
The Amtrak to New Orleans II
The Summer of 2013

The Recreation Center

Stick Figures - animations include ninjas, reflection effect, lone samurai and more
Ninja Pictures - Alex in his authentic ninja uniform, with sword, blowgun, and throwing stars
Tae Kwon-Do - a little about Alex's Tae Kwon-Do training
Camouflage Pictures - Alex in camouflage do-rag, shirt and pants
My Runescape Experiences - Runescape tips article by Alex

The Art Museum

Art Page 1
Art Page 2

InuYasha Club

InuYasha Puzzles
InuYasha Journal

Mom's House

Mom's Writings
Mom's Memories

Alex's Family Tree

The Cat Shack

Cat Pictures 1 - Cat Pictures 2
Kitty Dunk Dog - our cat's self-defense technique
Little Lucky and the Snake - Little Lucky Larry Lee Williams was determined to alert me to the presence of a snake
The Cat that Likes Water - our cat, Neo, likes water and he loves to go swimming
Cat Collages - a kitten collage and a cat collage with cats, kittens, and puppies
Treating an Open Wound - what works and what doesn't

The Library

Learning Korean
Judy's Cancer Journals