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Animated Stick Figures, Ninja Pictures, Tae Kwon-Do Pictures, Camouflage Pictures, My Runescape Experiences

The Recreation Center

Stick Figures

These are some animated stick figure gifs created by Alex using the Pivot Stickfigure Animator. They include Reflection Effect, Ninjas, Lone Samurai, Yoga Instructor and more.

Ninja Pictures

These are pictures of Alex in his authentic ninja uniform. His outfit includes hood, mask, jacket, pants, arm guards, and Tabi socks and boots. He's accessorised it with a black ninja sword, black utility belt, blowgun, and throwing stars.

Tae Kwon-Do

This tells about Alex's Tae Kwon-Do training.

Camouflage Pictures

Pictures of Alex in camouflage do-rag, shirt and pants.

My Runescape Experiences

By Alex in 2006 - I've played runescape for nearly three years, and I've learned much. This article includes my experiences with wilderness scams, luring scams, hackers and friends.