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I've played runescape for nearly three years, and I've learned much. This article includes my experiences with wilderness scams, luring scams, hackers and friends.

My Runescape Experiences

by Alexander Carroll
July 15, 2006

Alexander Carroll
I've played runescape for nearly three years, and I've learned much. This article is about what not to do in RuneScape, the massive multiplayer online RPG.

The wilderness scams:

Sometimes if you're a newer player, someone around level 30 will say things like "Hey...follow me and I'll give you free armour". That happened to me. As a low level I said yes. At around level 39 wilderness (Area where players can attack other players), he traded me and gave me a blue cape (worth only 10 gold). He attacked me and I ran. I made it out with 3HP and now I laugh at it.

Luring scams:

Watch out for lurer's. I got lured. I posted an ad on the RuneScape forums and my account's highscores were accessed on the highscores. The person who I was buying things from was supposedly "Fletching" in lvl 1 wilderness. At first I said no, but then he said "Fine I guess you dont want to buy the items then". I gave in and took one step into the wilderness and a white dot appeared on my minimap. I tryed to run but it was too late; they used a freeze spell on me. They were my level....I lost nearly 30K feathers and 476K gold pieces. (Feathers are hard to get).


Hackers are a common threat to the runescape player. For years people have quit due to losing their items. I, however, got hacked and lost nearly 900K in one item, nearly a million arrows, and a pair of boots worth 500K gold, but I still continue to play so I can warn others of this common threat. I now am more successful, for I have 3.4 million on my head alone and as for my platemail and platelegs...its worth 250K. How I got hacked was a person convinced me they were a "Jagex moderator" undercover. (NOTE THAT JAGEX MODERATORS DON'T HAVE A FRIEND'S LIST AND THEY ALWAYS HAVE GOLD CROWNS BY THEIR NAME) and they ONLY contact you by your message centre. So if someone asks for your password, your bank pin, or anything like that, politely tell them no, and use the report abuse button.


Now, RuneScape friends sometimes are jerks; sometimes they're the only reason you didn't quit. But be wary when trusting a friend, they can take advantage of you and steal your items. I have friends who can trust me with nearly 10 million gold, and thanks to one of my very trustworthy friends, I now have my robin hood hat, worth 3.4 million gold.

This nearly covers it. Check out -- it's a good game.