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Foreign Language Resources

Resources for Spanish and Korean. Printable charts and flash cards for learning numbers and the alphabet. Games, tutorials, quizzes.

Foreign Language


Spanish Numbers to 20 Flash Cards

These Spanish numbers flash cards are free to print. They are a great way to learn English or Spanish.

Spanish Numbers to 20 Printable Chart

Learn to count to 20 in Spanish (or English) with this free printable chart.

Spanish Websites

Learn more about the Spanish language, play games, take free online tutorials, test your Spanish knowledge, and more.

Spanish Tests

SAT subject test practice, interactive online beginner and advanced levels, multiple choice, fill-in-the-blanks, grammar, basic language competency, printable tests.


English Korean Keyboard Chart

A chart that shows which keys on an English keyboard are used for typing in Korean.

Korean Alphabet

The symbols of the Korean alphabet.

Korean Alphabet Flash Cards

Printable flash cards for learning the Korean alphabet.