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Fun, affordable, dramatic, safe, unusual, simple household items - Robert Krampf does whatever he can to show people that science can be fun and understandable. Part of that effort is the Free Experiment of the Week. He looks for experiments that are unusual, safe, dramatic, cheap, and fun. Featured here are some of the many, many experiments he has sent to his newsletter subscribers over the past few years. Physics, chemistry, biology, earth science, and more.

Science Experiment of the Week

These experiments are from Robert Krampf - The Happy Scientist

211 - Egg in a Bottle - The experiment for this week is another classic, but a very misunderstood one. You will even find that many books of science experiments get this one wrong.

212 - Potato Clicks - Construct an electric cell. Produce electricity with various fruits and vegetables. This is one of the experiments that pops up quite often in science books, and it is also one of the experiments that seldom seems to work like the books say.

213 - Peroxide Bubbles - What makes peroxide bubble? Is it germs? Does using peroxide on a cut help?

214 - Fooling Your Clock - Daylight Savings Time changes and your internal clock.

215 - Melting Icebergs - What would happen if the global temperature rose enough for much of the polar ice caps to melt? All of that extra water would cause worldwide flooding, right? Let's investigate.

216 - Pendulum Perils - Potential energy, kinetic energy, the energy of motion, gravity.

217 - Cabbage Indicator - Turn red cabbage juice into green foam, then pink foam, then back to red.

218 - Spoon Reversals - Experiment with upside down images and reflections of light beams in mirrors.

219 - Shadow Colors - Experiment with different colored lights to make colored shadows.

220 - Sweet Tea - What makes true Southern sweet tea so sweet?


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