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Floating M's, Bubble Colors, Light as Air, Easy Swing, Why We Use Soap, Half Full or Half Empty, Light Soda, Dark Lines, Slippery and Sticky Ice, Vanishing.

Science Experiment of the Week

These experiments are from Robert Krampf - The Happy Scientist

251 - Floating M's - The chemicals which produce the colors of M&M's have different densities. What happens to the colors when you dissolve them. What happens to the M?

252 - Bubble Colors - What causes the colors in soap

253 - Light as Air - Measure the weight of the air in your room.

254 - An Easy Swing - How science is used to make amusement park games harder than they look. This one is based on a carnival pendulum game where you try to swing a weight on a string and knock over a bottle.

255 - Why We Use Soap - Soap is a wonderful chemical which has molecules that are polar at one end and nonpolar at the other. That means that one end will stick to water and the other end will stick to oil.

256 - Half Full or Half Empty? - We will take a look at an age old question and try to see it from a new angle. Seeing things from a different perspective is a very important skill in science.

257 - Light Soda - Comparing the weight of sugar and artificial sweetener in colas.

258 - Dark Lines - This experiment is based on the work of Thomas Young. He was an English scientist who in 1820 used a similar experiment in his study of light. Light is a strange thing. In some ways, it acts as if it is made of tiny particles. In other ways, it acts as if it is made up of waves.

259 - Slippery and Sticky Ice - How can ice be slippery one minute and sticky the next? This is something that has interested scientists since the time of my hero, Michael Faraday. In fact, Faraday did quite a bit of experimentation on this very subject.

260 - Vanishing - Make a friend disappear! This week's experiment is one that you have to try to believe.

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