Science | Science Experiment of the Week | Experiments 271 - 280

Grass Whistle, Speed of Electricity, OJ Ice Crystals, Water the Plants, Hot Air Bottle, White Foam, Newton's Laws, Make a Crater, The Science of Ice Cream, Viscosity.

Science Experiment of the Week

These experiments are from Robert Krampf - The Happy Scientist

271 - Grass Whistle - Using a blade of grass or a thin sheet of paper to make sound.

272 - The Speed of Electricity - Does electricity really travel at the speed of light?

273 - OJ Ice Crystals - Comparing the differences in freezing orange juice and regular water.

274 - Water the Plants - Why do plants need so much water? Some flowers drink more every day than a person does.

275 - Hot Air Bottle - Air expands when it gets hot.

276 - White Foam - Why the foam on a glass of carbonated beverage is white or almost white, instead of being the color of the drink.

277 - Newton's Laws - This week we will investigate Newton's laws of motion. While Galileo laid the foundations for them, Newton was the one that put them into the form that we know them today.

278 - Make a Crater - Use your own asteroids to experiment with making craters.

279 - The Science of Ice Cream - Make your own homemade ice cream.

280 - Viscosity - Test different liquids for their viscosity.


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