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Paper Rope, Good Tomatoes, Comb Kazoo, More Cold Tomatoes, One Glass Musical, About Microwaves, Science of Spit, Balloon Pairs, Broccoli Science, A Watched Pot.

Science Experiment of the Week

These experiments are from Robert Krampf - The Happy Scientist

291 - Paper Rope - You may be amazed how strong this paper rope is.

292 - Good Tomatoes - Never put tomatoes in the refrigerator. Is that a fact, or just an "old wives tale"?

293 - Comb Kazoo - This is a version of a musical instrument called a kazoo.

294 - More Cold Tomatoes - A couple of weeks ago I sent an experiment on tomatoes in the refrigerator. I focused on the experiment of seeing what changes took place. Since then, I have heard from MANY of you, asking, wondering or demanding to know WHY the changes took place. With that in mind, we will take a closer look.

295 - One Glass Musical - Most of you have probably seen someone make a xylophone-type instrument by putting different amounts of water into drinking glasses and then tapping them with a spoon to play a song.

296 - About Microwaves - This week's experiment came from a question asked by a student during my energy show. He wanted to know how microwave ovens work.

297 - The Science of Spit - This week's experiment comes from our cat, Mawra. She is a delightful cat, but when she is very happy, she drools. She was happily sitting in my lap while I was thinking of topics for this week's experiment. That's when it hit me. (Literally) Saliva!

298 - Balloon Pairs - This week's experiment is an old one that may trick you at first. Once you think about it, it should make perfect sense.

299 - Broccoli Science - This week we will take a look at the science of cooking green vegetables. Now, many of you may be saying "Ick!", but even if you don't like to eat them, it is still interesting to watch them cook.

300 - A Watched Pot - This week's experiment came from last week's research. As I was boiling each vegetable sample, I had quite a bit of time to watch the water boil. If you tried the experiment, then you probably spent some time watching too. Did you notice all the strange things the bubbles did?


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