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Rubber Magnets, Clean Windshield, Clear Ice, Hottest Part of Flame, Franklin's Bells, Arm Raising, Action and Reaction, Turning Ice, Potato Water, Sand Angles.

Science Experiment of the Week

These experiments are from Robert Krampf - The Happy Scientist

311 - Rubber Magnets - I was planning to magnetize a needle and as I was sorting through all the magnets on our refrigerator, I got sidetracked into playing with the rubber magnets (which are really plastic, not rubber). The more I played; the more interesting it got.

312 - A Clean Windshield - Normally, a ray of sunshine on a rainy day's travel is a good thing, but today I was driving west, which let me see something that is usually not visible.

313 - Clear Ice - This week's experiment is the result of my forgetfulness. I took a tray of ice cubes out of the freezer, used half the cubes and then forgot to put the tray back in the freezer. When I remembered, the cubes were half melted. Only the centers of the cubes were left. The remaining ice was very cloudy.

314 - Hottest Part of a Flame - This week's experiment comes from a question that I got during an energy show. A student asked what color flame was the hottest. It is a great question, and the answer may fool you.

315 - Franklin's Bells - I enjoy lightning. I watch it every chance I get. Ben Franklin was also very interested in lightning, and he came up with a very creative, but quite dangerous method of letting him know that it was time to go watch for lightning. We will do something similar, but in a very safe way.

316 - Arm Raising - This is a party trick that always amazes people, but it is based on science.

317 - Action and Reaction - There are some very basic laws that govern how things move. Isaac Newton boiled them down into three basic laws. Newton's third law of motion tells us that for every force, there will be an equal force in the opposite direction.

318 - Turning Ice - This week's experiment started as a very simple one, but as I played with it, it grew a bit. It all started with me watching an ice cube melt. (Those of you that have been on the list a while know that it does not take a lot to entertain me.) I promise that this will be more interesting than just watching ice melt.

319 - Potato Water - This week's experiment is a variation of several that we have tried in the past. It deals with something called osmosis.

320 - Sand Angles - I spent most of today working, but I took some time to go to the beach and relax. As I sat there watching the waves, I was also playing in the sand. It was not serious playing, just scooping up sand and letting it fall through my fingers. As I sat there, the sand took more and more of my attention, and soon I had this week's experiment.

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