Science | Science Experiment of the Week | Experiments 281 - 290

Moving Waves, Seed Search, Getting to the Root, Chromatography, Creeping Carpets, Air Space, Words of Science, No Dented Cans, Air Has Weight, Coffee Rings.

Science Experiment of the Week

These experiments are from Robert Krampf - The Happy Scientist

281 - Moving Waves - Find out how waves move, but water does not.

282 - Seed Search - The many ways that plants spread their seed.

283 - Getting to the Root - Using cuttings to produce new plants.

284 - Chromatography - Chromatography is the science of separating chemicals as they are carried along by a liquid. In the world of forensics, chromatography is used to separate chemicals to look for and identify possible poisons and other chemical evidence.

285 - Creeping Carpets - We live at the beach, and our carpets tend to get dirty and sandy, so we place small rugs along the pathway that gets the most use. One problem is that the rugs don't stay there. They slowly migrate across the room. How can this happen?

286 - Air Space - How much air space is there in common substances?

287 - Dirty Words of Science - Over the years, I have composed quite a list of "dirty words" that offend many scientists.

288 - No Dented Cans - Why is it a bad idea to buy dented cans?

289 - Air Has Weight - This experiment is based on a "classic" experiment often seen in textbooks to show that air has weight. While it starts simple, it takes some twists along the way.

290 - Coffee Rings - In cleaning the counters, I noticed a coffee spill that had dried. It had formed a dark ring, with almost no coffee stain in the center. This reminded me of an article that I have read on the science behind coffee rings, giving me the idea for this week's experiment.


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