Science | Science Experiment of the Week | Experiments 261 - 270

Pepper Hot, A Cup of Cold, Jurassic Vibrations, A Cool Experiment, Straw Trombone, Orange Flash, Feeling the Pressure, Science Friction, Static Cling, Breathing Hot and Cold.

Science Experiment of the Week

These experiments are from Robert Krampf - The Happy Scientist

261 - Pepper Hot - Stimulating the trigeminal nerve. This nerve branches to your mouth, nose and eyes and it is very sensitive to certain chemicals. Depending on the chemical, the sensation can register as heat, cold, or pain.

262 - A Cup of Cold - There is a refrigerator full of food in front of you. You open the door and start looking for something good to eat. A voice from behind you mentions that your family cannot afford to refrigerate the entire neighborhood and asks you to close the door until you know what you want. What really happens when you open the refrigerator door?

263 - Jurassic Vibrations - Use water to see vibrations.

264 - A Cool Experiment - Why do you feel cool or cold when you get out of the tub?

265 - Straw Trombone - Using straws to make sound instruments.

266 - Orange Flash - This week's experiment is sure to surprise you. It is simple, easy and quite dramatic. You will be using oil of orange to produce flashes and flares in a candle flame.

267 - Feeling Pressure - A demonstration of water pressure and a wonderful explanation of why things float.

268 - Science Friction - Friction is a subject that I thought I knew a lot about, until I began to really look at it. Then I realized that the subject was a lot more complex than just observing how things rub together.

269 - Static Cling? - Why does plastic cling wrap cling? I thought I knew the answer until I began experimenting. That lead to more research and all sorts of interesting things.

270 - Breathing Hot and Cold - Recently, I heard a news story that referred to a politician as blowing hot and cold with the same breath. That got me thinking about the science behind it. How can you blow hot and cold?


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