Science | Science Experiment of the Week | Experiments 221 - 230

Catching Money, Dancing Raisins, Simple Quacks, Cloud in a Bottle, Water Wall, Finding Fat, Boomerangs, Butter Science, Old Water, A Strange Flame.

Science Experiment of the Week

These experiments are from Robert Krampf - The Happy Scientist

221 - Catching Money - The science behind balancing coins on your elbow and catching them.

222 - Dancing Raisins - What causes raisins to rise and fall in a glass of carbonated soda?

223 - Simple Quacks - Using a straw to feel the vibrations of sound. Exploring Bernoulli's Principle.

224 - Easy Cloud in a Bottle - Changing water into water vapor, then dropping the air pressure to change it back again, producing a cloud.

225 - Water Wall - Forming a thin sheet of water.

226 - Finding Fat - Test different kinds of chips and other foods to look at the amount of fat they contain.

227 - Boomerangs - Construct your own working paper boomerangs.

228 - Butter Science - Separating the substances that make up butter. Making clarified butter.

229 - Old Water - Most of our water is very old. To make new water, you need to form it chemically, combining hydrogen atoms and oxygen atoms to make new molecules. That does happen, but the vast majority of the water molecules in your water system have been around for a VERY long time.

230 - A Strange Flame - Experiment with inertia using a candle flame.


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