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Insect Hunting, Stomping Insects, A Hole in Your Hand, Tummy Rumbles, Hearing Directions, Thumb Fun, Safe Insecticide, Big Numbers, Astigmatism, Water in a Glass.

Science Experiment of the Week

These experiments are from Robert Krampf - The Happy Scientist

321 - Insect Hunting - This week, we will look at the amazing variety of insects that can be found almost everywhere.

322 - Stomping Insects - Don't worry about the title of this week's experiment. We will not squash any insects. They will do the stomping. We are just going to listen to their tiny footsteps.

323 - A Hole in Your Hand - This week's experiment is an old one and an easy one. It is a simple illusion that makes it seem that you have a hole through your hand.

324 - Tummy Rumbles - This week's experiment came to me as I was thinking about food. I was trying to decide what to cook for supper when suddenly my belly made a rumbling growl. Instantly, I knew what I would do for this week's experiment.

325 - Hearing Directions - In the past, we have done experiments to show how we use our two eyes to judge distances. This week we will see how we use our two ears to judge the direction a sound came from.

326 - Thumb Fun - The importance of opposable thumbs.

327 - Safe Insecticide - I spent some time this week helping Lisa with her flowers. This time of year, the insects really chew on the plants, so we have been battling them. Some of the pests require commercial chemicals to kill, but often Lisa uses things from the kitchen.

328 - Big Numbers - This week, we will take a look at some big numbers. In the study of science, you will run into all sorts of big numbers, and it can get to be overwhelming. We will see if we can get at least a little bit of a handle on these numbers.

329 - Astigmatism - This week's experiment has to do with your eyes. Do you wear glasses? If not, you probably know someone that does. There are different reasons for wearing glasses.

330 - Water in a Glass - How can air hold up water?

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