Science | Science Experiment of the Week | Experiments 231 - 240

Osmosis, Changing Pressure, Flexing Small Muscle, Slim View, Finger Feedback, Thunder Rumbles, Heat Waves, Emergency Light, Reversing Flag, Waterfall Effect.

Science Experiment of the Week

These experiments are from Robert Krampf - The Happy Scientist

231 - Osmosis - Water tends to move towards higher concentrations of dissolved chemicals. That means that if the water outside the cell is saltier than the water inside, water will move from the inside of the cell to the outside.

232 - Changing Pressure - Cause a change in air pressure by heating and cooling it.

233 - Flexing Small Muscles - This experiment deals with goosebumps, also known as chill bumps.

234 - Slim View - Reading a page of writing through a thin opening. Viewing dark spaces on your television.

235 - Finger Feedback - Biofeedback, relaxation and body temperature.

236 - Thunder Rumbles - Judging the distance of lightning and examining the reasons behind the different volumes and lengths of thunder rumbles.

237 - Heat Waves? - As light moves from more dense, room temperature air to less dense, hot air, it changes speed and is bent, just as it would be by a lens. The rising air does not form a smooth, bent surface as it rises...

238 - Emergency Light - Make an emergency light (candle) out of vegetable oil and a paper towel.

239 - Reversing Flag - Seeing reverse afterimage colors.

240 - Waterfall Effect - Optical illusions caused by the brain's 'motion detectors'.


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