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Our cat, Neo, likes water and he loves to swim.

The Cat that Likes Water

by Cheryl Carroll
September 21, 2008

Our cat, Neo, likes water and he loves to swim. We found this out by accident one day when I gave in to Alex's pleas to let him put Neo in the pool.

Neo always looked like he was about to jump in himself, but never quite did. He would get down real low to the ground and lean over the rim as far as he could and play with the surface of the water.

I told Alex he could carry Neo in and then let him swim back. It was an extremely hot day and I think Neo was ready for a cool down. Alex carried Neo on his shoulder and walked slowly into the water. As he walked, the water reached Neo's tail, and then his back paws, and his stomach, and finally, it reached all the way to just below his front legs.

Neo just sat there, looking around at all the water. He didn't make the slightest attempt to get away.

Then Alex turned to face me and Neo took that as his sign to swim. He pushed off and swam to the top step, where he stood in two inch deep water for a few minutes, then got out and started licking himself dry. After that, Alex took him out on a regular basis and Neo seemed to enjoy every minute of it.

One day I took Neo out myself, just to see if he trusted me the way he trusted Alex. I couldn't believe it! I didn't even hold on to him. I had him draped over my shoulder and gave just enough support to keep him from sliding off. He really didn't seem to mind being in the water. He stayed on my shoulder until I turned and then he was off!

When Alex's Aunt Linda saw him in the pool with Neo, she snapped these pictures. She called to Alex to look at her and when he did, Neo thought it was time to swim. You can tell how calm he is. He likes water!