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I had always dreamed of traveling--someday--but deep down, I knew it was just a dream. I knew I would never have the money to really do it. But when my sister died in August 2006 at 51, my thinking quickly changed. I decided I would find a way to make my dream come true--today--not someday. Life is too short to wait for someday.

The Adventures of Cheryl and Alex -- Our Travel Journal

Alex and I took off in an old red work truck and brought along our four beautiful, follow-us-anywhere cats! We climbed mountains, swam in the ocean, bathed in hot springs, explored caves, camped in the desert, in the swamp, and in the forest. We got too close to a hibernating alligator in the bayou and we were surrounded by dozens of coyotes in California. We found obsidian and crystal and went on amazing nature hikes. We met the most fascinating people and made a whole lot of friends. Our adventure lasted almost a year and we're sharing most of it here.

Here We Go - Boyd, Texas

Our adventure begins, but first we stop in to visit my brothers.

Purtis Creek - Eustace, Texas

Crazy cats, cramped cold quarters, and scary creatures. Our first night of camping may be our last.

Logansport - Louisiana

A perfectly charming little town. It was classic Louisiana, right down to the plantation style homes.

Atchafalaya Basin - Louisiana

Breakfast with Cajuns in Henderson, The I-10 Welcome Center, Magnolia Park in St. Martinville

Lake Fausse State Park - Atchafalaya Basin, Louisiana

Cypress trees and their knees were amazing. Giant vines and spiders and velvety moss surrounded us. It was absolutely breathtaking.

Metairie - Louisiana

It had been more than a year since the hurricane, but you wouldn't have guessed that by looking. Many of the businesses we passed were still torn up.

Where To Now? - Louisiana

Deciding on the fly. We sat there in the pouring down rain, looking at our maps, making our plans. It was wonderful!

The Deserted Hospital - Decatur, Texas

Why would a hospital be left open and unattended? We began to feel as if we were in an episode of The Twilight Zone. This was just a little too spooky. We had to get out.

No More Running - Texas

Facing the loss of my brother. I could sense that this was it--that he wouldn't be coming back.

Holly Grove Cemetery - Haywood County, Tennessee

Visit a cemetery at night? -- It was way too dark. I told Alex we needed light, so I backed up and pointed the headlights toward the cemetery. And there they were. Headstones! Row after row of headstones.

Kitty Dunk Dog - DeRidder, Louisiana

Our cat's self-defense technique.

Hollywood and Beverly Hills - Los Angeles, California

A dirty old work truck from Texas with two country bumpkins up front and a load of critters and clutter in the back. We truly were the Beverly Hillbillies, only without the money.

Box Canyon Road - Mecca, California

Getting up close and personal with a rattlesnake. Seeing the snake in the wild was extremely satisfying. Never had we felt anything close to that when we saw one in a zoo.

Alex Learns to Wirewrap - Quartzsite, Arizona

Hobbit teaches Alex the art of wire wrapping gemstones.

Contentment - Quartzsite, Arizona

I woke up with that feeling that's coming to me quite often these days. Happiness. Contentment. Peacefulness. Gratefulness. I just can't believe I'm living my dream.

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