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Deridder, Louisiana. Our cat's self defense technique. Who needs Tae Kwon Do? Elrond knows Kitty Dunk Dog!

Kitty Dunk Dog

DeRidder, Louisiana 2007

We stopped at a park in Deridder, Louisiana. Alex and Haldir took off right away toward the playground. I wanted Elrond to walk around, too. He was a little bit hesitant, though. It was a very large park and a little too busy for his taste. The playground was on the other side of a creek. I patiently took baby steps with him. He was being so slow and cautious.

I had just gotten him to walk across the footbridge. We were about ten feet from it when this medium-sized, white, shaggy-haired dog came running his way, barking up a storm. I tried to head the dog off, but he ran around me. I turned and saw Elrond on the other side of the bridge, headed back for the safety of our truck.

He had a pretty good lead, so I guess the dog decided a short cut was in order. Instead of crossing the bridge, he tried jumping the creek. He took a giant leap and about half way across, he fell straight down into the water. I laughed so hard!

I walked over to the edge of the bank, along with some children that were trying to catch the dog. We saw him clinging to the side, shivering, and not making any attempt to climb up. Poor thing! He was scared to death. And cold. It was very cold that day.

Alex came to see what was happening and immediately took off his coat and shoes to climb down and help the dog. I was so proud of him! He got below him and tried pushing him up, but this dog wasn't having it. He was hanging on for dear life! Alex couldn't pry him loose.

A soldier with the U.S. Army happened to be at the park with his family that day. He went down to help and with Alex pushing and him pulling, they managed to bring the dog up. What a sight! All because of Elrond!

A small crowd had gathered and they cheered our dog saving heroes. I walked back to the truck and found Elrond safe inside the spare tire underneath. He looked at me with those piercing eyes that seemed to say, "Now you know why I didn't want to go."

Later, Alex and I joked, "Who needs Tae Kwon Do? Elrond knows Kitty Dunk Dog!"