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Alex at the age of five, in maille armor, with some details on how it was made. The stories and pictures of the renaissance festivals we attended in Louisiana and Texas.

The Medieval Kingdom

Maille Armor Pictures

These are pictures of Alex in 2000, when he was five, wearing maille armor we made for him. This also tells a little bit about how to make the armor.

Hammond Louisiana Renaissance Festival

2000 - One of Sir Alex's Days as a Knight. This is the account of our day at the Renaissance Festival in Hammond, Louisiana.

Scarborough Faire Renaissance Festival

2008 - Some pictures of our day at The Scarborough Faire Festival in Waxahachie, Texas

Lion in Chain Maille

2010 - I came across Alex's old cookie jar lion and also the old maille armor coif we had made for him (Alex). I put the coif on the lion, just for fun. He (the lion) was a little dusty, but adorable! You can see how the coif darkened over the years when you compare it to the maille armor pictures above.