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The story and pictures of the maille armor coif and hauberk, plus the sword, shield, and tabard we made for Alex when he was five.

Maille Armor Pictures

Alex in maille armor with shield and sword

This is Sir Alex of Kingdom. One day, he asked for a sword. His dad made one for him out of aluminum. Now he wanted armor. I offered to make a costume from cloth, but Sir Alex was not happy with that idea. He wanted real armor! So real armor it was.

I read up on the subject and learned how to make maille armor. We used 14 gauge galvanized steel wire, a power drill and a 3/16" metal dowel to make the coils. We coiled and cut each link and I linked them all together to make the coif and hauberk Sir Alex is wearing. This took me two months and 1,400 feet of wire!

Alex's dad made the tabard (hand sewn) and shield for the outfit. They're fashioned after Sir Galahad's in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

I wanted to make boots, but never got around to doing that. Still, Sir Alex was a hit with everyone who saw him! This was especially true when we visited the Renaissance Festival.

Oh, and while Sir Alex was having pictures made, he ran into a hero of his from Star Wars Episode I. I just had to put those pictures up, as well.

Thanks for reading and allowing me the opportunity to proudly present Sir Alex of Kingdom.

Alex in maille armor with sword

Alex in maille armor with sword

Alex in maille armor with sword and tabard

Alex with sword in maille armor

Alex with sword in maille armor coif and hauberk

Alex in maille armor with Anakin Skywalker mannequin

Alex in maille armor with sword and tabard

Alex in armor with Anakin Skywalker

Alex and Anakin

Alex with friend Anakin Skywalker

Alex with Anakin Skywalker

Alex with Anakin Mannequin

Thanks to Greg for taking the pictures and providing the life size Anakin mannequin.


The sword was hand made by Alex's dad from aluminum. It's very thick with a rounded point for safety. The handle has the same design as the cross on his tabard. Alex was able to duel with the sword when we visited the Renaissance Festival.

The shield is made from cardboard, colored in with permanent marker and has a wire coat hanger on the opposite side for a handle. It has "Sir Alex of Kingdom" written on the back. When we went trick-or-treating, people would say, "Who do we have here?" Sometimes they would guess Sir Lancelot, sometimes Sir Galahad, and sometimes I would be holding the shield behind Alex, with it turned around so they could see the name, and they would guess Sir Alex of Kingdom. Alex was amazed that they knew who he was and never did figure out how they managed it.

I tried to taper the sleeves on the hauberk, but it didn't work out right and I was running out of time, so I went back to the original sleeve design, which flares at the end. All in all, for my first time ever making one, I think it came out pretty good and Alex loved it.


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