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The summer of 2013 was probably the last time Alex and I would be able to take an extended trip together. Here I share pictures and stories of the places we visited.

Summer of 2013

Six years after our year-long adventure, we headed out again for a summer. We had the town of Senoia, Georgia in mind as our ultimate destination. Lots of pictures and some journaling.


Glass Bathrooms - Sulphur Springs, Texas - These "world famous glass bathrooms" are the coolest public restrooms I've ever seen.


Lenox-Marcus Campsite - Bismarck, Arkansas - We had visited Lenox-Marcus before (in 2007) and loved it. We were looking forward to returning. It was just as great the second time around.

Lenox-Marcus Free Camping - pictures, directions, and information

Fog and Ducks - DeGray Lake, Arkansas - This is a beautiful sight to wake up to - fog on the lake and a family of ducks swimming by.


The Mushrooms of Rood Creek - Beautiful mushrooms of all different shapes and colors were popping up all over.