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Our cat, Little Lucky Larry Lee Williams, was determined to alert me to the presence of a snake.

Little Lucky and the Snake

by Cheryl Carroll
June 13, 2008

Our cat, Little Lucky Larry Lee Williams, spends a lot of his time outside, on our front porch. The only time he wants to come in is to grab a bite to eat and then he's out again.

One day, I walked out there and held the door open for him to go in. He ran up to me rather quickly, but wouldn't go in the door. He turned and ran back to the edge of the porch. Seconds later, he ran back to me. He was moving really fast, as if something was after him. I could see that nothing was.

I held the door open again, but he would not go in. He ran back to the edge, which was about fifteen feet away from me. I said, "Fine, then. I'm going to sit and have my coffee." As I was walking to the chair, he ran up to me again and then very quickly back to the edge. This time, I could see he was staring at something, so I went to have a look.

I couldn't see it at first, because it was in tall plants, but then I spotted it. It was a huge snake!

Little Lucky's attitude changed immediately. He walked right up to the door to be let in. It was amazing! It was as if he knew I'd seen the snake. He wanted to alert me and he had. His job was now done and it was time to eat!

Alex was just inside. I asked him to keep an eye on the snake while I let my oldest son, Joey, know about it. Joey took a very long few minutes to put on his boots and find a stick, but the snake hadn't moved at all.

We thought it might be dead. Joey slowly moved some leaves above it and it moved. We could only see a small part of its body. It looked about as big around as my wrist. I told Joey I thought his head was on my end and Joey said, "No, his head is right here!" He moved some greenery with the stick and I saw the snake was poised to strike him.

I told him to stay very still, but that didn't help. The snake struck at Joey's boot. Joey was able to get around behind him and grab him. When he brought him out, we saw that he was about five feet long!

It turned out to be a harmless rat snake, but I guess Little Lucky didn't know that!

I've heard of dogs that bark and run back and forth to get you to follow them, but I would never have believed a cat would try to do that. In total, he ran up to me and back three times! I wonder how long he would have kept that up if I hadn't responded.

I only wish this story had a feel good ending. Unfortunately it doesn't. Joey made a pet out of the snake, even though I implored him to set it free. So the next time Little Lucky spots a snake, I'll just pet him and say, "Good job!", and I won't tell anybody about it until it's long gone.

Pictures of Little Lucky and the Rat Snake