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A collection of journal entries by Mom.

Mom's Memories

Saturday January 1 2000

The first day of 2000 was a really good day.
Alex and I played pretend games most of the day. Later, he played Jump Start Spanish and watched some Jurassic Park with Daddy.
We didn't go anywhere.
Sean worked all day with Robby (and yesterday and he's supposed to work with him tomorrow, also).
I beat level 6 on Scrabble.

Sunday January 2 2000

Alex built a castle with his legos. I downloaded Stamp Pad for him, which he played for awhile.
Last game for the Saints. They lost. I think they are 3-13.
I need to get more organized. I have a ton of things for us to do, but there is no way we'll do them if I don't think about it.
I bought a printer cartridge so I can print some activities out, but I need a system to keep many resources exposed to Alex so he will have plenty to choose from.

Monday January 3 2000

First step to getting organized. Today I started clearing out Alex's room and separated a lot of his toys. This is going to be a two or three day job, but once I know where everything is, I will be able to have a better idea of how to set it up.
Alex built Winnie the Pooh Adventures with his new legos. He played Stamp Pad.
I was looking around the living room, trying to imagine how to arrange things better, when I realized just how much is already crammed into this small room.
There is a book/video library, a complete computer station, a row of musical equipment, a mini planetarium of sorts, and boxes of lego toys. Not to mention a writing/alphabet desk and two couches, one of which serves as p.e. equipment and a stage when Alex is performing.
Even though I can make much more use of this space, I was surprised at how much was already going on in here.

Tuesday January 4 2000

Alex played Stamp Pad. I downloaded a couple of coloring programs for him. I have to redo his games folder, as we lost most of the games when our computer went down.
Alex built many different things with his legos. It seems he's always building with them.
We took down the Christmas tree, which was also in the living room.
Alex asked me again how to spell his name for his Jump Start Spanish.
I didn't get much done in his room because I was working on the kitchen and living room.

Wednesday January 5 2000

Set up two more stands in the living room. Alex and I put containers of toys and art and building supplies on them. Alex decided to make his own decisions on what to put in some, so there are 3 clear containers, an orange bucket, and a wicker basket with just a few toys in each.
Just as I knew he would, Alex started playing with all the things we had set up. He drew pictures, built houses with the lincoln logs, played with his links and with his dinosaurs.
Tomorrow we will continue to set it up and clear out his room. There is stuff piled high in boxes in the middle of the floor, and on the bed and the table.
Joey called. He received his playstation on Monday.