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Just before her 50th birthday, Alex's Aunt Judy had a seizure. X-rays were taken and she was diagnosed with stage IV small cell lung cancer. We were going to put journals here, detailing her progress, treatments, emotions, etc. Unfortunately, we did not follow through with them. Below are the few entries written by Judy.

Judy Lost Her Battle with Cancer

Judy lost her battle with this cancer on August 28, 2006. I can't begin to express how saddened I am that I didn't somehow make her fight harder. She was convinced her body was different. Five percent of people in her situation survive. She just knew she would be in that percentage. Chemotherapy and radiation would work for her. I got angry with her when she wouldn't try alternatives. She was so darn stubborn! Then I bowed out and left her to do as she pleased. I'd take that back if I could.

If you have cancer, or someone you love has cancer, I can tell you this much: It must be fought with every ounce of your being and you can never ever let your guard down. It's tragic when people conveniently convince themselves they've done all they can. The regrets are overwhelming at times.

When you fight, and I mean really fight, even if you lose, at least you know you gave it your very best shot. I didn't give this anywhere near my best shot and neither did Judy. Please, for the love of yourself and your family, don't take time for granted. Fight now, fight today, fight like you don't have tomorrow--because you may not.

Judy's Journal

August 15, 2005

Finding out

August 18, 2005

Friends and family

August 26, 2005

Looking out for my own health

August 28, 2005

How I'm feeling and a thank you