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Creativity - Theater and Storytelling

Aaron Shepard's RT Page

Scripts & Tips for Reader's Theater - Reader's theater is often defined by what it is not -- no memorizing, no props, no costumes, no sets. All this makes reader's theater wonderfully convenient. Still, convenience is not its chief asset. Like storytelling, reader's theater can create images by suggestion that could never be portrayed realistically on stage. Space and time can be shrunk or stretched, fantastic worlds can be created, marvelous journeys can be enacted. Reader's theater frees the performers and the audience from the physical limitations of conventional theater, letting the imagination soar. Enjoy the magic of reader's theater!

The Kids' Storytelling Club

Come on in and browse around. Get some new ideas for stories to tell, storytelling crafts to make, and club activities.

The Neverending Tale

The Neverending Tale is for kids and kids-at-heart. It is a choose-your-own-path adventure story - like you might read in a book. But you can add to the tale where ever you like. Whatever you add will become part of the tale, anything you can think of.

Visit the playground section to create your own story with this easy to use Seussville Storymaker.