Creativity | Animation and Movie Making

Filmmaking, 3D Modeling, Kids Movie Making - Explore the creative process involved in filmmaking, create animated 3D models, create animated movies, gifs and stickfigures, download free software.

Animation and Movie Making

3D Crafter

A freeware real-time 3D modeling and animation tool that incorporates an intuitive drag-and-drop approach to 3D modeling. Creating an animated scene is as simple as positioning the objects within your scene for each point in time in your animation. 3D Crafter will ensure that the resulting animation runs smoothly. Your animation can be stepped through a frame at a time, viewed in real-time, or recorded to a Video (AVI) file so that you can distribute your creation. Includes tutorials.

Amazon Studios

Direct, act, animate, illustrate, showcase your work. Choose a script that inspires you, make a test movie, create a storyboard, voice and record a character or animatic. Get feedback from movie enthusiasts, enter contests for Best Test Movie. The goal of Amazon Studios is to work with Hollywood to turn the best projects into major feature films.

Annenberg/CPB Exhibits - Cinema

Explore the creative process involved in filmmaking, from the screenwriter's words to the editor's final cut. Write your own dialogue for a scene or put yourself in a producer's shoes by managing the production of a film.

Haunted House

Free - Haunted House is an animated movie making program for 6 year olds and up. With original music, sound effects and hundreds of stunning graphics the child is equipped to make exciting animations of any length.

Pivot Stickfigure Animator

Free download -- Create animated cartoons with this unique software that allows you to create stickfigure animations without any artistic skills. You can easily create a chain of animation frames that can be previewed as you go.
Animated Stick Figures - These are some animated stick figure gifs created by my son using the Pivot Stickfigure Animator. They include Reflection Effect, Ninjas, Lone Samurai, Cat and Food and more.


Free printables for multiplication, roman numerals, state capitals, parts of speech, and more.


Math exercises. Multiplication and roman numeral resources. Posters, charts, converters.


Quizzes including world capitals, presidents in order, the elements, state flags, and more.

Middle Ages

Armour, castle games, recipes, quizzes, fashions, music, old world maps, medicine, and more.

Language Arts

Alphabet flash cards, printable high frequency words, and printable parts of speech chart.

Foreign Language

Spanish numbers to 20 and the Korean alphabet. Printable flash cards and charts.


Science games and quizzes, posters, science experiments.

Science Experiments

Free Experiment of the Week from Robert Kramp's Science Education Co.

Social Studies

Posters, printables, the Lifeboat Game, fifty states resources, quizzes.


Reading systems, flashcard, worksheet and test makers, game creators, percentage calculator, timeline template.

Free Online Courses

Grade school and accredited high school, online public schools, foundational phonics, more.


Stickfigure animations, build a web page and a website template for kids.


Printable guitar and ukelele chords and didgeridoo resources.


Free books, posters, videos, software, kits, curriculum, courses.

Storage - Alextown

Maille armor pictures, ninja and camouflage pictures, and more.

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