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This is a ready to use six page mini-website for kids. Your kids can start adding their own ideas to it right away, without having to learn HTML first. They will learn the HTML and CSS as they are having fun creating their content.

Website for Kids

If you are looking for a really simple, really quick web page that kids can edit themselves, and learn a little HTML and CSS in the process, then this mini-website may be for you.

This website does not require your kids to study HTML first. They'll be learning basically the same way I did when I started. I searched the internet for simple websites and copied their source code. It was as easy as a right click, view source, copy, and save.

I didn't understand it at first, but it was not difficult to see which part of the code went with the text or images they were using.

It's hard to find websites like that anymore. Websites are extremely complex these days. Sometimes it's not possible to determine how something was done.

I created these templates with HTML tables and some basic CSS. Every clue you need to figure out how the page works is in the code. It should be very easy to edit the site to your liking. The only tool you will need for this is a text editor. I recommend notepad.

You will likely notice that I'm not much of a designer. The site is more about providing a quick fun site for the kids. I included several different elements just to add to the pieces of the puzzle.

Here's what it looks like: Kids Template - I've written in some ideas on the home page, the activities page and the animals page.

You will be able to view your changes and the site without uploading the page to the web.

These instructions are included with the pages:

"You can start using these web pages right away.

All you have to do is replace my words with your own words.

To work on the pages you will need to open them in notepad (or another text editor). Be careful not to accidently erase any of the code. You might want to make back-up copies of the pages and also of your changes.

If you do accidently erase anything, you can always download the pages again. They are located at

Double click on the pages to open them in your browser.

All the pages need to be in the same folder for them to work properly.

Once you get familiar with some of the code, you can change colors, font types and sizes, add pictures, add more HTML tables, add your own styles. There is really no limit to the changes that can be made.

Have fun!"

If your child ends up creating something they would like to share with the world, you will then need to look at domain and hosting or free web hosting companies. You can read my Quick and Easy Web Page for information on that.

Ready to get started?

Download the kids template zipfile

Voilą! Your child has their own website! Now comes the fun part--they get to personalize it with all their own ideas.

Important! - Be sure to keep back-up copies of your child's work!