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Creativity | Quick and Easy Web Page

Build a quick and easy web page. Here are five easy steps to get your site online fast. Follow the instructions below to have your own page up and running in no time.

Quick and Easy Web Page

If you would like a quick web page, just follow the steps below to have your own page up and running in no time.

Step 1: Idea
What's your page going to be about? What will you offer visitors? Whatever the subject, it's best if it is something you are knowledgeable about and very interested in.

Step 2: Name your site
Pick any name you like. It doesn't have to match your content or tell people who you are. Yahoo and Google are very popular, but their name alone doesn't say anything about them. If the name is available, register it right away. It may not be available later. If the name is not available, try variations or choose another name.

You can check for availability of the desired name at several places. I like and use They offer very inexpensive domain names and they also have great hosting prices, which means you can take care of Step 3 at the same time.

Step 3: Purchase web hosting
This is the way your pages are viewed on the web. There are many free web hosting companies out there, but speaking from personal experience, it is better to pay for the hosting. For all my websites, I use GoDaddy's hosting. It will cost you about four or five dollars a month.

Step 4: Create your first page
This is much simpler than it would seem. A document with very little information can be uploaded to your space and be reached by anyone that finds it. A basic text editor (I use Notepad exclusively) is all you need to write your page. A tiny bit of HTML knowledge is all you need to get your first page up. The website for kids I've created is great for beginners.

Step 5: Upload your page
Tweak it to your liking. Learn as you go.

Good luck to you!