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Wars, battles, weapons of the middle ages, renaissance. Dates, details, pictures of medieval battles and weapons, replicas of many of the weapons used. Swords, crossbows, daggers, armory.

Middle Ages and Renaissance Battles

Castle Siegecraft and Defence

Photographs and details of castle seigecraft and defence. After the accession of Henry II castle warfare began slowly to take on a different character. On the one hand, defence was assisted by developments in the plan and construction of castles; on the other, the weaponry of attack was generally improved.


From the ORB online encyclopedia - Introduction - Military and Political Background - The First Crusade - Crusades and the Counter-Crusades - The Later Crusades - Additional Background - Crusading Vows and Privileges - Legacy

Invasion of England, 1066

The Norman conquest of Anglo-Saxon England described through the images of the 900 year-old Bayeux Tapestry.

Medieval Hand Weapons

Illustrations of Medieval hand weapons, including the Bill, Danish Axe, Flail, Gisarme, Glaive, Halberd, Holywater Sprinkler, Langdebeve, Lochaber Axe, Mace, Military Fork, Partisan, Pole-Axe, and War-scythe.

Medieval Siege Weapons

Illustrations of the Billista (Arbalist), Mangonel, and Trebuchet.

Mediaeval Sword Virtual Museum

Includes images and descriptions of swords from the Germanic Iron Age (Migration Period) - 400 to 700 AD, Viking Age - 700 to 1066 AD, Norman Period - 1066 to 1180 AD, and the High Middle Ages - 1180 to 1450 AD

Nova - Medieval Arms Race

Here we describe some of the major weapons and strategies used in what became a medieval arms race. Direct Assault, Siege Tower, Trebuchet, Battering Ram, Tunnel, Walls, Archers, Gatehouse, Moat. Let the siege begin.