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Social Studies | Medieval Middle Ages Renaissance | Knights and Armor Resources

Knights and armor of the medieval, middle age and renaissance times. Make your own shield, learn about heraldry, chivalry, what it takes to become a knight, what their armor was like, how they lived, and more!

Middle Age and Renaissance Knights


Pictures of Knights and Armor

Museum armor pictures, free medieval knights and armor clipart, pictorial glossary of terms, maille armor pictures, icons and more.

Heraldry Game

The heraldry game is set in the year 1273, a time when things were, well, pretty medieval. You will play the part of 14 year old Robert, second son of Lord Landley. You will use the knowledge of heraldry and blazonry taught to you at great pains (mostly yours) by your father's herald to identify other characters and know them for friend or foe. Your fate will lie in your ability to correctly identify them as the story unfolds; if you fail the consequences may be dire as these are harsh and brutal times.

How a Boy Becomes a Knight

Just how did one become a knight in the middle ages? The following information leads you through the stages to knighthood.

Shields, Knights, and Heraldry

Learn about the Middle Ages, feudalism, knights and chivalry while making a coat of arms. Shields, Knights and Heraldry is free software for kids to make their own shields (coats of arms). The associated page on making an authentic medieval shield discusses the origins and functions of coats of arms, and their relationship to the culture of the Middle Ages. The software includes dozens of traditional medieval designs to use on shields and the rules of heraldry and emblazonry.