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Medieval Renaissance Language - Elizabethan insults, Medieval Islam terms, Basic Faire Speech, pronunciation drills, vocabulary terms, glossaries, lyrics.

Middle Age and Renaissance Language

Hemyock Castle Feudal, Medieval and Castle Terms

Definitions of feudal, medieval and castle terms to aid understanding of documents and novels such as those by Ellis Peters.

Language - Medieval & Renaissance Speak

Basic Faire Speech, Forms of Address for Non-Nobles, Idiomatic Idiosyncrasies, Proper Elizabethan Accents, Queen's English Pronunciation Drills, Ren Speak language Guide, Titles and Forms of Address

NetSERF: Hypertext Medieval Glossary

While there a number of excellent and specialized glossaries available, NetSERF's Hypertext Medieval Glossary is unique. Not only are there 1499 terms defined, covering all aspects of medieval life and spanning the medieval world, many terms are linked together so that one can get the best understanding possible.