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Medieval Women History - Women in the Crusades, a Medieval women quiz, a look at women knights, history of Medieval women, list of women artists.

Middle Age and Renaissance Women

The Magnificent Medieval Women Quiz

They were nuns and queens, writers and saints, princesses and pawns. They fought and led men into battle; they healed the sick and held their families together in times of trouble. They patronized the arts, founded convents and dynasties, and influenced and inspired thousands.

Women and the Crusades

When thinking about the Crusades, few people consider the dramatic effect on women in these unsettling times. At first women, as ill prepared as men, set off for the Holy Lands, eager to wash away their sins and receive special glory for their effort to free Jerusalem from Muslim control...

Women Artists

Lists women artists from the medieval period to present, with some details of their work.

Women Knights in the Middle Ages

Were there women knights in the Middle Ages? Initially I thought not, but further research yielded surprising answers. There were two ways anyone could be a knight: by holding land under a knight's fee, or by being made a knight or inducted into an order of knighthood. There are examples of both cases for women.