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Math | Multiplication Resources

Resources to help with learning the multiplication facts, including printable charts to 9, 10, 12 and 13, a blank chart, multiplication flashcards, posters, and multiplication practice exercises.

Multiplication Resources

Multiplication Exercises

Practice the time tables from ones to twelves in order or random order with these online quizzes.

Multiplication Flashcards

Printable multiplication flash cards. These are excellent for helping kids learn their times tables.

Printable Multiplication Chart to Nine
Printable Multiplication Chart to Ten
Printable Multiplication Chart to Twelve
Times Tables to Twelve
Printable Multiplication Chart to Thirteen
Printable Chart to 3 x 12
Blank Multiplication Chart

Free to print charts can be used as handy reference and to help kids memorize the facts.

Printable Multiplication Poster

A colorful free-to-print multiplication poster from Nicholas Academy.